Branding & Visual identity

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To help your brand, products or services achieve their objectives, our team translates and transforms your ideas into Creative Representations. Our creatives will work with you to Design or Refresh your Logo, define the new markers of your Visual Identity as part of the creation of your company, a new impetus in the development of your business, as part of a product launch or an international roll-out.

Branding & Visual identity

Business start-ups, product launches, events

Brand platform

A strong, assertive identity

The Brand Platform is a summary document used to express and formalise the Brand Identity. By extension, the notion of brand platform also refers to all the elements that make it up.

The elements specified in the brand platform to be implemented are as follows:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • The story
  • Communication style
  • Positioning
  • Codes

Brand Bible

Let’s write a great story together

Branding is not just about creating a logo or a name, arranging graphic elements or choosing colours. It is a story that is told to convey your company’s true personality, its values, its aspirations, its objectives… It is your Brand Identity Card.

The elements set out in the Brand Bible are as follows:

Moodboard (defines your brand with the help of external elements. It’s like a Chinese portrait of your brand. If it were a colour, an emotion, a character, a decorative object…)

  • Brand name(s)
  • Base line, slogans
  • Visual identity
  • Logo design
  • Choice of colours and typefaces

Graphic charter

A new visual identity

The aim of the Graphic Charter is to define and design all the graphic work required for your New Identity.

In particular, it will list the recommendations for use and the characteristics of the various Graphic Elements (logos, colours, fonts, symbols, layers, etc.) that can be used on different Communication Media such as, for example :

  • Business cards and stationery (headed paper, envelopes, invitation cards, etc.)
  • Corporate tools: Power Point presentation, Word document
  • Email signature
  • Graphic template Newsletter / Emailing
  • Leaflets, brochures
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Exterior and interior signage, product packaging, customer goodies….

This Working Document can be adapted to suit your company’s needs and opportunities. It will be distributed internally to future users, but will also be given to all your partners, suppliers and service providers.


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