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InterContinental Hotels Resorts

InterContinental France, Switzerland & Israel

Digital identity

Website creation

Assisting the InterContinental Hotels & Resorts brand in several countries with the design and development of websites and e-commerce platforms using a multilingual, responsive architecture with a mobile-first approach to meet the challenges of mobility.

Integration of the IHG Engine Booking to manage reservations, integration of a GDPR Compliance Newsletters subscription module, integration of a Push Notifications module to distribute information, news and offers in real time and provoke a Retargeting effect towards the websites.

UX / UI carefully designed to provide an immersive user experience and facilitate user interaction via an ergonomic interface.

Netsive in Luxembourg is the first Communication and Digital Marketing Agency in the world to have implemented and deployed the new Visual Signature of the InterContinental group at a digital level.


Customer relationship management

Support and implementation of missions to build customer loyalty and maintain customer relations.

Production of Newsletters, Emailing and SMSing campaigns to provide real-time information in a highly competitive environment.

Collecting, optimising and making the most of databases with a view to carrying out various marketing operations.

Setting up satisfaction surveys and polls for visitors and customers to improve quality procedures.

Development of MICE solutions and operations.

QR Code solutions for taking and managing orders, room service, etc.

Social Network

Advertising campaigns

Setting up and managing advertising campaigns on SMO or Social Media Optimisation social networks (Instagram / Linkedin / Facebook, etc.).
Aims to acquire fans, followers and subscribers, develop brand awareness and the establishment’s online presence, promote special or seasonal offers, Click and Collect and Room Service.


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